(Last Updated 6/19/2017)

CityFolk on Local Radio WCOM-LP 

We were very excited to be on WCOM-LP, the community FM radio 103.5 station based in downtown Carrboro on Thursday, June 15th from 6-6:30pm. We’ll performed some of our music live along with discussing various music topics. While the over-the-air range of the station is limited, you can listen to their shows online via services like Tune-in (click here) or access the station’s website by clicking here.

WCOM is a community radio station based in downtown Carrboro. Broadcasting since 2004, WCOM offers locally produced, volunteer-driven programming using a 100-watt over-the-air signal on 103.5 FM.


Irregardless Cafe

We will be back at the wonderful Irregardless Cafe on June 29th (Thu) from 6-9pm. Stay afterwards to take salsa dancing lessons!


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