(Last Updated 7/28/2017)

Sad news, Luthier Bill Collings passed away

I have long been a fan of Bill Collings guitars. The first one I heard was a Martin HD-28 type model that just blew me away. It’s playability, projection, clarity, and overtones were just amazing.  Furthermore, the fit and finish was impeccable. It’s like a Martin on steroids.

Ever since, I’ve followed Bill’s work and his company down in Austin, Texas. I was lucky enough to get a chance to tour the factory. Bill was simply a genius. He was one of those rare individuals who had a fanatical drive for quality and customer service and an inquisitiveness that had him constantly looking into new things. He went from building acoustic guitars to mandolins, to ukeleles (he built an f hole Archtop ukelele just to see if he could do it), to a whole line of electric guitars, and lately custom guitar cases. His energy to explore new avenues, to constantly improve, was never ending.

He built a company that never stops listening to their customers. I’ve seen numerous examples of where someone might have bought a used Collings which have no warranty, had an issue and asked if the company could fix it fully expecting to pay for, only to have Collings fix the issue for free if it was a warranty/quality issue with the instrument.

It’s a great loss and he will be sorely missed, but his legacy will continue.

CityFolk on Local Carrboro Radio Station WCOM-FM

We were very excited to be on WCOM-LP, the community FM radio 103.5 station based in downtown Carrboro on Thursday, June 15th from 6-6:30pm. We’ll performed some of our music live along with discussing various music topics. While the over-the-air range of the station is limited, you can listen to their shows online via services like Tune-in (click here) or access the station’s website by clicking here.

WCOM is a community radio station based in downtown Carrboro. Broadcasting since 2004, WCOM offers locally produced, volunteer-driven programming using a 100-watt over-the-air signal on 103.5 FM.



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